Colorado Springs Shooting

Photo courtesy of Yahoo! News.

Just 1 week after America’s Midterms, another mass shooting occurs in the USA!  On 11/19/2022 Saturday evening a shooter enters a nightclub in Colorado Springs Colorado, and open fires on patrons of the nightclub. The shooter killing and injuring multiple people with a rifle. Our sincerest condolences to those who lost loved ones and are injured from yesterday’s event. So, what stopped the shooting? It wasn’t local law enforcement; it was patrons of the nightclub grabbing a handgun from the shooter and pistol whipping him unconscious.

This eerily echos the same issues that America has been dealing with for over 40 years. This issue is gun-bans and gun control! While the left continues to push gun bans and gun control to the rest of the USA as the solution to ending criminal behavior and mass shootings; everyone on the right has been vocal about the lack of gun education and conceal carry as the solution to ending these events. What we do know is that: since 1934 when the first gun control bill was passed NFA Act of 1934, there has been over 300,000+ gun laws passed across the USA! Of those 300K+ laws, a majority of them have been passed since the late 1970’s to present day.

If we connect the dots between gun laws passed over the last 40-ish years, we have an increase in gun violence year over year. Theoretically, if there are more laws against guns (or whatever topic you choose), wouldn’t there be less gun violence or less common occurrences of these issues? This theory has been proven wrong, year after year! The left is willing to “trust the science” but won’t trust factual hard case evidence.  Since we’ve proven that this theory of increasing gun laws prevents more gun related deaths is false, we can openly agree and state that these crimes are committed by criminals, and not law-abiding citizens. What’s the best way to protect your family or friends from criminals? Put a firearm between you and them!

Gun Deaths
CDC 1999-2017 Gun Deaths in USA. Graph Courtesy of Statista. (As of 2020 Deaths are at 45k+).


At some point, when will these people come to terms that their inability to take a gun education class or even entertain the idea of a concealed carry option, as their way of promoting a solution to preventing these horrific events from occurring!  Also, worth noting that they are contributing to gun related deaths or active shooter incidents! How are they contributing to gun related deaths and active shooter incidents? If you remain unarmed and in the event of being in a life-or-death situation with a criminal who has a gun, you either become a victim and statistic or a survivor.

active shooter
2000-2020 Active Shooter Graph of USA Incidents (courtesy of P.R.C.)

The graph above shows active shooter incidents in the US from 2000-2020. As you can see the incidents over time relatively keep spiking, year over year. In regard to today’s shooting, Colorado Ranks 10th in the US for 2022, by a pro left wing anti-gun policy websites. In other leading Anti-gun advocates websites, Colorado ranks between 11-14th place in States with Strictest gun laws, with an average ranking of 11th. One would understand that, if they rank near the top 1/5th in the US for highest gun laws, there would be less incidents over the past 20 years (with respects to those who lost their lives), but there hasn’t been the desired change the left-wing gun grabbers want. Additionally, the left leaning skewed data in the graph below doesn’t show violence or death by other forms of weapons (knives, baseball bat, hammer ect..) that surpass gun related deaths in place where states have strict gun laws (California, New York, Hawaii, ect..).


strict gun law states
Colorado ranks 10th in a 2022 state by state strictest gun law ranking.

Finally, more gun laws on law abiding citizens only harm innocent lawful people, they do not restrict or curb criminal behavior. Get educated, take a gun safety course to become comfortable with a firearm, and get your concealed carry license! By doing so, you become a proactive citizen to protect your constitutional rights, therefore becoming a protector to our communities and ourselves. Be part of the solution to ending mass shootings and criminal behavior, conceal carry! 40+ years of gun laws have only created more innocent deaths than the previous 206 years, for country that is standing tall on the words of freedom.


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Oregon’s 3 Candidates on Gun Control

State of Oregon – Governor Canidates. Picture courtesy of

Looking on to Oregon’s November election, Oregonians will have to decide the fate of how Oregon will be either thrive or be ruined by the next Govenor of the state. The 3 candidates that are running for office are: Tina Kotek (Democrat), Betsy Johnson (Independent), and Christine Drazan (Republican). Wait one second! I know you’re ready to vote on party loyalty, but let’s see how Firearm friendly our candidates are! We are using a 1 out of 10 rating system.

Starting with Oregon’s Democratic nominee, Tina Kotek is she anti-gun or pro-gun friendly? Tina’s voting record starts in 2011-2021. In 2012, House Bill (HB) 4045 Tina Voted No, not to ban public accessibility to licensed concealed handgun (C.H.L.) carriers’ information. However, 1 month later she Yes, on a concurrent vote, and votes in favor of banning public disclosure of C.H.L. carries information. So, you would assume she’s pro-2A!

Democrat Nominee – Tina Kotek Voting Record Courtesy of

Wait, Tina’s only pro-2A when it comes to CHL privacy. After 2012, Shes voted in favor to allow Oregon counties to ban the use of dogs when controlling the cougar/mountain lion population. In 2016 a vote in favor for 10-day delay of transfer or firearm purchases, after a successful passed background check of the buyer. Most recently in 2021 has voted in favor of banning firearms on local and state property including but not limited to: hospitals, universities, any government property including parks: campgrounds, desolate properties, post offices, city halls, essentially any property owned and/or occupied by any level of government. Although we do applaud her for voting in favor of banning firearms for domestic abusers and convicted serial stalkers.

Just 1 month ago, on Twitter Tina came out to say she’s in favor of further expanding background checks and supporting “Red Flag Laws” which means that the police or any government agency can come into your home at any time and confiscate your firearms, especially if you make calls for suicide or threaten to kill anyone. Additionally, while on the campaign trail Tina openly supported Oregon Ballot Measure 114 (formerly IP17), which calls for extreme gun control. Like her politics we give Tina Kotek an Anti-GUN friendly rating of 10/10 and pro-gun rating of 0/10.

Independent Nominee – Betsy Johnson Voting Record Courtesy of

Next in line Independent Betsy Johnson. Betsy’s track record on gun control is very astute, especially being a former democrat, and getting the boot from her own political party in 2018! This is highly attractive for those moderate Conservative and moderate Liberal political voters; and a fresh of breath air for the Independent Oregon party which hasn’t had much traction since 1937 (the last Oregon Independent Governor of the state). Betsy has voted against every form of gun control and in favor of protecting constitution and 2A rights. There are some arguable votes, such as: not banning stalkers and suicidal persons from owning a gun; but for the rest of it, we feel she has a solid grip on what’s going on and what should be going on when it comes to firearms. We give Betsy Johnson an Anti-GUN friendly rating of 1/10 and pro-gun rating of 9/10.

Lastly, the GOP nominee Christine Drazan. She has not had much experience in the political realm but has a voting record of being in-favor of the second amendment and not gun control. However, there are clams Christine is a RINO (republican in name only), we find this not to be true. Her voting record in terms of being pro police friendly has shown she has not voted or took an absentee vote for these ballots. This is the only gray area we have seen with her. We give Christine Drazan an Anti-GUN friendly rating of 1/10 and pro-gun rating of 7/10.

Republican Nominee – Christine Drazan Voting Record Courtesy of

In conclusion, if you want an anti-gun candidate you know who to vote for. If you want a candidate pro-2A your best choice is going to be Betsy Johnson, then secondly Christine Drazan. Voting on party loyalty has gotten Oregon in the mess it’s in, and the USA in political term oil worldwide in the past 2 years. Oregon’s politics for the last 30+ years have been controlled by the democratic party. Since then, it’s been scandal after scandal with governors and mayors, with both the city and state turning to a cesspool of crap.

If you’re a small business or big business, or a resident of the State of Oregon and tired of the: drugs, gang members, graffiti, lack of police and police response time, homelessness, road redevelopments, increased taxes, high property tax, the unethical force of vaccinations and closure of businesses, do NOT vote blue on this election, including for city of Portland commissioner positions. Like Phil Knight gave millions of dollars to Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan’s’ campaign, we proudly endorse both Betsy and Christine – basically any other candidate than Tina Kotek. Oregon does not need a continuation of Kate Brown Politics!

Governor Candidate: Anti-Gun Rating Scale
Governor Candidate: Pro-2A Gun Rating Scale

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Visa, Mastercard, AMX to Track Gun Purchases

Stemming from congressional letter sent on September 13th 2022 to: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express CEO’s; US Senator Josh Hawley (MO.) brought to light national news of the Big 3 Credit Card companies‘ intentions that will track firearm and firearm related purchases. One group might think this is a great idea, while others may think it’s a terrible one. Well, let’s evaluate what’s at risk, and what potential outcomes may occur.

Senator Josh Hawley, Header Letter to Visa, AMX, Mastercard.

Senator Hawley confronts 2 main issues that are reasons for concern. The first being a potential abuse of power by big: Banks, Tech, and Government; and secondly being the law-abiding citizen potential for being discriminated by institutions. Additional we have our own reason of concern which hasn’t been voiced by the senator or other leading gun advocacy groups. Our concern is the following: if these institutions can track and create a registry of lawful gun and gun related purchases, they can easily have “database breaches“, which would then have private information go public. Law-abiding citizens, then could be potentially targeted for home invasions and their information distributed to target their financial wellness and civil liberties.

Other target forms of harassment could be a barrier for those firearm purchasing individuals. Which translates to not being able to make any or all purchases, because they are on a blacklist so to say. These lists have potential to create RedFlags in their financial credit scores, or possibly have purchases denied, as the big 3 could ban transactions at sporting good locations. Its flat-out financial discrimination, and an attack on civil liberties, and free will. Not to mention, this “data collection” of firearm and firearm related products that are purchased, would be sold off to the highest bidder. Just like Facebook and Google’s targeted ads, they will use the data to attract and attack 2A enthusiast.

A question of thought for these Big 3 financial institutions, why haven’t they done the same for pedophiles and adult store purchases? Maybe they have skeletons in their closet. You can see why if one points allegations without proof towards one thing, it can be done to everyone, in any business setting or towards any consumer purchase behavior. Oh, there’s a thought! This affects the economics of consumer behavior! Which ultimately will alienate small businesses and not big corporations. At the end of the day, it always comes down to extreme irrational behavior of one group of people, that affects the law-abiding citizen.

If Visa, Mastercard, and American Express want to list credit card purchasing codes for consumer purchases and create a consumer data base; maybe conspiracy theorist or critical thinkers (as I prefer to say), their argument of a cashless society by using all digital currency, will be the downfall of American civil liberties, because they can track and limit your ability of free will. The Financial institutions will be the master, and anyone that uses an all based digital currency will be a slave, and at the will of their master. A collective group of individuals and think tank organizations, have realized they cannot go to your throat and ban the constitution; but they have the ability to create barriers, control your finances, and eventually get full control and obedience of the general population.

This is a step in that direction. If you don’t like what you just read, be proactive, call your senators, and support gun advocacy groups that are proactive. My personal favorite, Gun Owners of America.

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Safeway Inc. Employees Not Allowed Concealed Carry.

Entrance to a Safeway grocery store.

In the wake of a terrible event last night in Bend Oregon, a 20-year-old shooter went into a Safeway grocery store and killed 2 innocent bystanders and injured 1 Safeway employee. The employee attempted to disarm the shooter, before being shot. His heroic act has saved others from being shot in killed in the Bend Safeway supermarket, that which allowed time for law enforcement to arrive on scene. Our condolences go out to those families who lost their loved ones.

This shooting brings out yet another conversation of our state leaders who make claims in attempts of wanting to fix and find a solution to end gun violence. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley called out political parties, ethnic races, and responsible gun owners to “put an end to this madness”.

Jeff Merkley Twitter Statement 08/28/2022 in regard to the Bend Oregon shooting.

Early this morning Oregon Senator Ron Wyden took to Twitter by stating “I’m willing to work with anybody who’s sick and tired of mass shootings to find solutions that put an end to this gun violence madness once and for all“. Well, if that’s the case, hey Ron Wyden, I’m willing to work with you, but you’re not willing to work with me!

Ron W
Ron Wyden Twitter statement 08/29/2022 in regard to the Bend Oregon shooting.

Well kudos to the Oregon Senators for wanting to find a solution to end gun violence! However, they’re calling on the wrong persons to find a solution to this specific issue. Political parties can take some of the blame but are not the solution. It’s flat out discriminate to call on specific ethnic races to be part of the solution, when everyone should be part of the solution! Responsible gun owners are not the problem but may be a part of creating the solution. Now that we’ve addressed these fallacies.

Albertsons – Safeway policy for customers.

What our senators are failing to mention is Safeway’s company store policy! Not to mention the lack of accountability and discipline of prosecution for crimes that occur in our great blue State of Oregon (which is a big part of the issue we find among many left leaning states, and nevertheless part of the issue to solving gun violence). We must hold society accountable for their actions to promote healthy societal morals.

Safeway Inc. store policy in regard to firearms is for complete disarmament of customers and employees, except for law enforcement (due to legal reasons, we cannot post the direct link for Albertsons Co./Safeway Inc. company policy on guns – just google search it). Also, the Albertsons Company (Parent company of Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, and Pavilions) has a strict employee gun policy, that doesn’t allow any of its employees (cashier, dock workers, truck drivers ect…) to have a firearm on the companies work premise and in & on company property, even with a concealed carry license. Anyone who is found to be in possession of a legal firearm on company property will be terminated!

We have question for Safeway! Will the Albertsons Company provide security personal to their employees, or will they continue to neglect employee and customer safety?! Who is protecting the customer? Who is protecting the employee? Safety is the topic of concern here, Period.

If our Senators want to find a solution to the gun violence, they should turn to the companies they lobby for, and to the politicians they endorse to promote the Second Amendment. To encourage company employees to get their concealed carry licenses and have the right to carry on work premises without the discrimination of termination of employment. This is part of the solution to ending gun violence! If that Safeway employee in Bend Oregon could have legally concealed carry, there may have been 1 less death or injured in last night’s fatal criminal acts of violence. We can’t stop criminal behavior, but we can protect ourselves and environment from being a victim of those crimes. Don’t be a statistic, be proactive in defending your rights!

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Assault Weapon Ban Passes the House of Reps. July 2022 Now onto the Senate…..

So, let’s recap what happened over the past few days! Up on Capitol Hill, the US House of Representatives, approved of an assault weapon ban bill titled “H.R. 1808 Assault Weapon Ban”. This was a vote that approved by a slim margin of 217 Yay votes, to 208 Nay votes. Now what happens next?

Well, this bill will now move to the US Senate and decide if millions of Americans will be criminals if they don’t turn in their weapons (given it passes the senate and good ole Joe Bidens’ handlers will sign for it). WAIT! What will be banned?! Well, this bill bans any semi auto civilian use firearm in short which includes handguns, shotguns, and rifles. The bill even goes so much in depth to name off hundreds of manufacturers and models of firearms that they specifically want to be banned; also to include “any variation” of those firearms. The power grab doesn’t stop there!

The bill goes on to name off additional firearm parts such as stocks and grips, gun magazine limits, barrels that are threaded, lever action firearms, bolt action firearms, belt fed ammunition (btw this is rare to find in civilian use and those who have a firearm that is belt fed, it’s been documented and verified by the manufacturer who made it, the dealer who sold it, and with your state police and the BATFE aka its stringently regulated).

So, what gun will be legal after this? Only revolvers, single fire shotguns, and single fire rifles! Let’s clarify the definition of single fire. Single fire is defined as any firearm that can only shoot one bullet/shot or cartridge and cannot be reloaded by any mechanism built into the firearm i.e. vertical or horizontal magazines, and recoil tubes & springs that assist with reloading the shell in-between trigger pulls. Meaning you fire your gun once, then by hand you would have to pull the bullet casing out and reload a new cartridge/round by hand. You know the criminals are getting excited for this, and the law-abiding citizens are soon to be S.O.L. (excuse my French).

But wait there’s more! I’m starting to sound like an infomercial gone terribly wrong, but that’s exactly how this bill is designed. Also, noteworthy is the wording the bill uses of firearms exempt, but under the bill definitions all those exempt firearms are defined as unlawful because of a laundry list of physical and/or functional traits that are built into those guns. Compliance starts in 90 days of approval (if passed by the US senate) and any firearm owner that wishes to keep any firearm that fits the bills definition as “lawful firearms” or if they fit the definition of “grandfathered in” would need to have a license. What problems could arise?

Well one issue we ALL could predict easily is since 2020 police stations across the nation have been severely defunded and would be exponentially overwhelmed to get law abiding citizens licensed to own a firearm. Common sense predicts US citizens wouldn’t be able to get in compliance with how short staffed Local and State police agencies have been. Secondary issues that arise? What about those who have a concealed carry license, what are we supposed to do? All pack dirty harry or bulky revolvers or single action 1880’s Iver Johnson .32? How about home protection? We all know this bill is to strip our rights and get rid of the American Constitution in the near future.

At the end of the day, the forecast for legal gun owners having “the right to keep and bear arms” seems gloomy. The feel of an end to the last genuine Pro-American era are around the corner. If this bill passes the Senate, Democracy will have died that night.

I urge everyone to contact your local senators and express your concern. If you want to shorthand your concern through email or pre-written letters, Gun Owners of America are a phenomenal 2A advocate organization who take on head-to-head encroachment of our second amendment.


Click here if you want to read the full text of the Bill: H.R. 1808 Assault Weapon Ban

Ghost Guns

What are Ghost guns? Ghost guns are considered any firearm that are privately made (made by an individual otherwise known as a Privately Made Firearm (PMF), and not manufactured by a company); which contain no serialized markings.

Is it legal to make your own ghost gun? In the USA, it’s been the law of the land since the beginning of the creation of America, to build and own the firearm you created; as long as it doesn’t possess characteristics of rapid-fire succession, suppression, or short barreled rifle as defined by the BATFE.

Is it legal to own a ghost gun? This question will very state by state. For example: in Oregon it’s legal to own a ghost gun, however its unlawful to transfer any firearm from private party to private party. This means that an FFL Dealer must facilitate the transfer of a PMF, or any other firearm as defined by the BATFE from private party to private party. However, in another state this transfer from private party to private party may be perfectly legal.

Also worth noting, that on August 24th 2022, ghost guns that have been assembled or that haven’t been assembled, will be considered a firearm and will require serialization to be compliant with federal law. “On April 11, 2022, the Attorney General signed ATF final rule 2021R-05F, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms. (BATFE)”. Go talk to an FFL Dealer like myself to get your “ghost gun”, 80% completed firearms, and parts kit serialized. In Oregon to facilitate a transfer of a ghost gun, the firearm must be serialized first, before a transfer can be processed.

For more information about Ghost Guns, please visit The BATFE Website