Florida Gov. DeSantis Creates Job Opportunity for Veterans and Combats School Violence.

Ron Desantis 46th Governor of Florida

Today in New Port Richey Florida, Florida’s highly favored Governor became the first in the Nation, to announce initiatives to: create jobs for Veterans, and fill voids for Florida’s education system. How does this combat school violence?

This great question is answered, through the unique approach Gov. Ron DeSantis is following, by utilizing retired first responders and veterans! Florida will offer an apprenticeship to fast track by merging these two groups of workforces into the direly needed education positions throughout Florida. Florida is offering one-time bonuses and waiving examination fees to increase Floridian educators!

So, by having experienced First Responders and Veterans, who know the signs of: danger, understand mental health issues, and structure (that America is lacking); can tell the signs and prevent school shootings. In Uvalde, Texas the school shooter had more than one hour to damage and destroy lives. The method of having First Responders and Veterans on site, would be a deterrent for criminal activity to occur. Secondly, by trade they have the experience to handle high stress situations and can provide defense for students, and act as an aggressive force to shut down life threatening situations – while time is of the essence!

Lastly, these programs help our Veterans who (in my opinion) have been neglected by our government, society, and VA hospital after their time of duty. These job opportunities create a pathway for First Responders and Veterans to have better access for blanket health care, positive working habits that directly influence and affect our community; and create a safer classroom environment for our children and the next generation! We all should applaud Florida’s efforts towards deterring criminal school shooting behavior, that gets spun around into “needing” gun control and gun bans. Florida is being proactive as part of the solution!

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