Ghost Guns

What are Ghost guns? Ghost guns are considered any firearm that are privately made (made by an individual otherwise known as a Privately Made Firearm (PMF), and not manufactured by a company); which contain no serialized markings.

Is it legal to make your own ghost gun? In the USA, it’s been the law of the land since the beginning of the creation of America, to build and own the firearm you created; as long as it doesn’t possess characteristics of rapid-fire succession, suppression, or short barreled rifle as defined by the BATFE.

Is it legal to own a ghost gun? This question will very state by state. For example: in Oregon it’s legal to own a ghost gun, however its unlawful to transfer any firearm from private party to private party. This means that an FFL Dealer must facilitate the transfer of a PMF, or any other firearm as defined by the BATFE from private party to private party. However, in another state this transfer from private party to private party may be perfectly legal.

Also worth noting, that on August 24th 2022, ghost guns that have been assembled or that haven’t been assembled, will be considered a firearm and will require serialization to be compliant with federal law. “On April 11, 2022, the Attorney General signed ATF final rule 2021R-05F, Definition of “Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms. (BATFE)”. Go talk to an FFL Dealer like myself to get your “ghost gun”, 80% completed firearms, and parts kit serialized. In Oregon to facilitate a transfer of a ghost gun, the firearm must be serialized first, before a transfer can be processed.

For more information about Ghost Guns, please visit The BATFE Website