Assault Weapon Ban Passes the House of Reps. July 2022 Now onto the Senate…..

So, let’s recap what happened over the past few days! Up on Capitol Hill, the US House of Representatives, approved of an assault weapon ban bill titled “H.R. 1808 Assault Weapon Ban”. This was a vote that approved by a slim margin of 217 Yay votes, to 208 Nay votes. Now what happens next?

Well, this bill will now move to the US Senate and decide if millions of Americans will be criminals if they don’t turn in their weapons (given it passes the senate and good ole Joe Bidens’ handlers will sign for it). WAIT! What will be banned?! Well, this bill bans any semi auto civilian use firearm in short which includes handguns, shotguns, and rifles. The bill even goes so much in depth to name off hundreds of manufacturers and models of firearms that they specifically want to be banned; also to include “any variation” of those firearms. The power grab doesn’t stop there!

The bill goes on to name off additional firearm parts such as stocks and grips, gun magazine limits, barrels that are threaded, lever action firearms, bolt action firearms, belt fed ammunition (btw this is rare to find in civilian use and those who have a firearm that is belt fed, it’s been documented and verified by the manufacturer who made it, the dealer who sold it, and with your state police and the BATFE aka its stringently regulated).

So, what gun will be legal after this? Only revolvers, single fire shotguns, and single fire rifles! Let’s clarify the definition of single fire. Single fire is defined as any firearm that can only shoot one bullet/shot or cartridge and cannot be reloaded by any mechanism built into the firearm i.e. vertical or horizontal magazines, and recoil tubes & springs that assist with reloading the shell in-between trigger pulls. Meaning you fire your gun once, then by hand you would have to pull the bullet casing out and reload a new cartridge/round by hand. You know the criminals are getting excited for this, and the law-abiding citizens are soon to be S.O.L. (excuse my French).

But wait there’s more! I’m starting to sound like an infomercial gone terribly wrong, but that’s exactly how this bill is designed. Also, noteworthy is the wording the bill uses of firearms exempt, but under the bill definitions all those exempt firearms are defined as unlawful because of a laundry list of physical and/or functional traits that are built into those guns. Compliance starts in 90 days of approval (if passed by the US senate) and any firearm owner that wishes to keep any firearm that fits the bills definition as “lawful firearms” or if they fit the definition of “grandfathered in” would need to have a license. What problems could arise?

Well one issue we ALL could predict easily is since 2020 police stations across the nation have been severely defunded and would be exponentially overwhelmed to get law abiding citizens licensed to own a firearm. Common sense predicts US citizens wouldn’t be able to get in compliance with how short staffed Local and State police agencies have been. Secondary issues that arise? What about those who have a concealed carry license, what are we supposed to do? All pack dirty harry or bulky revolvers or single action 1880’s Iver Johnson .32? How about home protection? We all know this bill is to strip our rights and get rid of the American Constitution in the near future.

At the end of the day, the forecast for legal gun owners having “the right to keep and bear arms” seems gloomy. The feel of an end to the last genuine Pro-American era are around the corner. If this bill passes the Senate, Democracy will have died that night.

I urge everyone to contact your local senators and express your concern. If you want to shorthand your concern through email or pre-written letters, Gun Owners of America are a phenomenal 2A advocate organization who take on head-to-head encroachment of our second amendment.


Click here if you want to read the full text of the Bill: H.R. 1808 Assault Weapon Ban