Safeway Inc. Employees Not Allowed Concealed Carry.

Entrance to a Safeway grocery store.

In the wake of a terrible event last night in Bend Oregon, a 20-year-old shooter went into a Safeway grocery store and killed 2 innocent bystanders and injured 1 Safeway employee. The employee attempted to disarm the shooter, before being shot. His heroic act has saved others from being shot in killed in the Bend Safeway supermarket, that which allowed time for law enforcement to arrive on scene. Our condolences go out to those families who lost their loved ones.

This shooting brings out yet another conversation of our state leaders who make claims in attempts of wanting to fix and find a solution to end gun violence. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley called out political parties, ethnic races, and responsible gun owners to “put an end to this madness”.

Jeff Merkley Twitter Statement 08/28/2022 in regard to the Bend Oregon shooting.

Early this morning Oregon Senator Ron Wyden took to Twitter by stating “I’m willing to work with anybody who’s sick and tired of mass shootings to find solutions that put an end to this gun violence madness once and for all“. Well, if that’s the case, hey Ron Wyden, I’m willing to work with you, but you’re not willing to work with me!

Ron W
Ron Wyden Twitter statement 08/29/2022 in regard to the Bend Oregon shooting.

Well kudos to the Oregon Senators for wanting to find a solution to end gun violence! However, they’re calling on the wrong persons to find a solution to this specific issue. Political parties can take some of the blame but are not the solution. It’s flat out discriminate to call on specific ethnic races to be part of the solution, when everyone should be part of the solution! Responsible gun owners are not the problem but may be a part of creating the solution. Now that we’ve addressed these fallacies.

Albertsons – Safeway policy for customers.

What our senators are failing to mention is Safeway’s company store policy! Not to mention the lack of accountability and discipline of prosecution for crimes that occur in our great blue State of Oregon (which is a big part of the issue we find among many left leaning states, and nevertheless part of the issue to solving gun violence). We must hold society accountable for their actions to promote healthy societal morals.

Safeway Inc. store policy in regard to firearms is for complete disarmament of customers and employees, except for law enforcement (due to legal reasons, we cannot post the direct link for Albertsons Co./Safeway Inc. company policy on guns – just google search it). Also, the Albertsons Company (Parent company of Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, and Pavilions) has a strict employee gun policy, that doesn’t allow any of its employees (cashier, dock workers, truck drivers ect…) to have a firearm on the companies work premise and in & on company property, even with a concealed carry license. Anyone who is found to be in possession of a legal firearm on company property will be terminated!

We have question for Safeway! Will the Albertsons Company provide security personal to their employees, or will they continue to neglect employee and customer safety?! Who is protecting the customer? Who is protecting the employee? Safety is the topic of concern here, Period.

If our Senators want to find a solution to the gun violence, they should turn to the companies they lobby for, and to the politicians they endorse to promote the Second Amendment. To encourage company employees to get their concealed carry licenses and have the right to carry on work premises without the discrimination of termination of employment. This is part of the solution to ending gun violence! If that Safeway employee in Bend Oregon could have legally concealed carry, there may have been 1 less death or injured in last night’s fatal criminal acts of violence. We can’t stop criminal behavior, but we can protect ourselves and environment from being a victim of those crimes. Don’t be a statistic, be proactive in defending your rights!

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