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Fill out the Single Firearm Quote form below, to get a price quote for the firearm you want to sell! We do not buy or sell any firearm or firearm related items online. All transactions are done in person, at the physical location of the licensed premise.

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If firearm is considered a Relic / Curio or Ghost Gun Type "NA"
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0 = Non-Functioning Heavily Damaged. 1 = Non-Functioning Light Wear & Tear. 2 = Non-Functioning, Like New or New. 3 = Fully Functioning, Heavily Damaged. 4 = Fully Functioning, Light Wear & Tear. 5 = Fully Functioning, Like New or New.
All value ranges will be in considered along with make, model, caliber, condition, and fair market value of firearm, when assessing a quote price.
Please tell us here if we need any additional information to give you an accurate quoted price. Examples included: aftermarket parts, trigger kits, silencers, barrels, grips, sights, ect.
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Upload 3 Clear photos of: Serial Number, Left side of firearm, and Right Side of firearm.
Quotes are valid for 30 days under condition what the seller filled out on this form, are true and accurate. Final agreed upon price will be assessed in person, after inspection. All quoted prices are estimates of what Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC would approximately pay for your firearm. All final transactions of purchases, transfers, and sales are done in person only. To the best of the seller's knowledge this firearm(s) has not been involved in ANY crimes and gives full permission to Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC to run a full background check on seller and firearm. In the event of a flagged seller and/or firearm, law enforcement may be called, and item may be confiscated as deemed necessary until law enforcement states otherwise.