Example: Ruger, Mini-14, Rifle, 5.56x45
The "Firearm Transfer Fee" is $25 and $25 for each additional firearm up to the first 3 transfers in a same day single transaction. The Background Check Fee is $10/per day on a single transaction. Additionally, $10 background check will be conducted if application is pending past 30 days. Both fees are due at the time transfer. If we do not receive this transfer form prior to your firearm arriving, a late transfer fee will be incurred at a new transfer rate. The late transfer fee will be $75 and $50 for each additional firearm.
All Firearms shipped from out of state or in-state to Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC, can only be transferred to an Oregon resident with valid ID; given a successful background check. Shipped firearms and parts must be SHIPPED WITH INSURANCE. Transferee (Buyer) and Transferer (Seller) are responsible for all shipping costs. In the event of a ship-back due to a failed background check the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. After we receive your transfer and process the package, we will call you within 3-5 business days and notify you your firearm is ready for pick up.
The NFA Class III Transfer Fee is $200 or more (and have discussed this transfer with Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC prior to filling this form out), and $175 for each additional NFA item in the same day single transaction. No late NFA transfer forms are accepted. Any parts or firearms sent to Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC without this NFA transfer form, are subjected to forfeiting items without payment or refunds.
Firearm Transfer Holds may occur If a background check fails or is pending. Patriot Firearms of Oregon LLC will hold the firearm for 90 days to allow for another background check (which costs additional $10) or, if at that point the buyer arranges a refund and return to the seller, the buyer will then be responsible for all shipping costs. If you fail to successfully pass a background check and/or arrange a refund with return to the originating seller, on the 91st day from the date we receive your items, we reserve the right to take possession of your firearm and or parts. Buyer/transferee understands interstate laws from who they are transferring from and state laws from where they reside in and are in compliance with state and federal law.
Prior to your firearm or parts arriving from the FFL whom you purchased/and or transferring from, we must have this form completed. If we do not receive this form, we give no guarantees that you will be contacted when your item(s) arrive. At that point in time, you will be charged for additional fee(s) or forfeiture of items as acknowledge and stated in the above agreement. By typing your name below, you acknowledge and agree that all of the information above is accurate, and you agree to our terms and conditions as listed above.
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